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Whoa Website

About of Whoa Website

A little about Whoa Website and their missions and goals. Of course, Whoa Website would like to expand and grow with awesome customers which it’s YOU!

Our missions/goals are:

  • Of course to grow! :-)I know… I already said that
  • Have happy customers and clients
  • provide the best web hosting for everyone
  • Keep the cost of hosting at a reasonable and affordable price

We have seen so many complaints about how GoDaddy are slow with WordPress hosting! Same thing with Prestashop, Arastta, OpenCart, WooCommerce and many other platforms. With all these complaints that has been going on with other companies. I have decided to start my own web hosting company to provide the best for everyone that wants hosting space! If you’re not happy with our services, we’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy! If you’re still not happy with our service, we’ll give your money back 30 days guarantee! You’re more welcome to try out our services and you’ll become part of the WHOA team! We value our customers and clients!

Hopefully one day, we’ll expand our business to provide more services down the road. At this moment, we’re only doing shared hosting.

A Little history of Whoa Website. Whoa Website was started with during that time. was not selling hosting space but only selling them to their clients that we have done websites. After a while, I have noticed that we were paying for a large dedicated server with hardly any hosting clients. That is when we decided and another reason to start selling our hosting spaces. All our current clients are delighted with our services. We will continue to grow, and we will prove to you, you are valuable to us! Don’t forget to check us out at