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About Me

Hello, I’m Terry Hunt.

I’m Terry Hunt! Born in Texas and Raised in Florida! The lady in the picture is my beautiful wife, Rebekah! We got married in May 2014! On September 2017, our son Asher was born! Life is great! God is WONDERFUL!

Mostly about me and my knowledge. I graduated from Tampa Bay Technical High School with the understanding of HTML, PHP, CSS, C++, Visual Basic, and QBasic. After high school, I continue to practice HTML, PHP, CSS up to this day. I graduated with a Computer Science degree in September of 2017. I have completed my coursework for CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+ & CCNA. Positions.

Terry Hunt’s job history

Spot Tech dot net was started when I was 16 years old with the money I have collected from mowing neighbors grass! At that time, I had 4 dedicated servers, 4 Counter-Strike 1.6 servers and 3 Team Fortress Classic 1.6 servers that I rented out! Before the Half-Life 2 came out!I was self-taught with Linux servers and have no training what so ever.

Bank of America

My full-time first job was a lockbox processor in Bank of America before computers were able to do image scan. Jeez, by saying that. It made me feel like I was processing checks in the 1800’s! We had to process checks for 8 hours a day at least 100 checks per hour! Yea! That was quite fun to stare at for 8 hours a day! Well, the job closed down and turned over to computers after all!

Metropolitan Ministries

So, I left Bank of America and went to Metropolitan Ministries as an account receivable. That’s where my opportunity to get my foot in the door as IT guy and database administrator. I thank them for letting me grow my experience and learn things that I have never learned before!

PMSI(Phamerica) & CTIS (Cable Television Installation & Services)

I decided to leave Metropolitan Ministries after all the department changes and learn something new. I went to PMSI aka Pharmerica which is now they are bought out by Helio and Optum. At this company, I learned how to work with database and IT. At the same time, I did do account receivable work because of my typing speed. I was able to process their entire account payable within 1 month nearly over 65,000 payouts that had to be done and they were behind by 2 years. I was only at this company for 6 months until a good friend of mine impressed his supervisor at CTIS (Cable Television Installation & Services) as ISP installer and computer repairs.

Hillsborough Education Foundation

During my time at CTIS, randomly I got an email from Hillsborough Education Foundation for a job which I accepted the offer! I was hired as a Database Administrator for Raiser’s Edge and Finical Edge Blackbaud software, IT guy, and Account Receivable.

Freelancer & College

After I was laid off due to company downsizing from lack of donations and economy trouble in 2007, I became a freelancer and volunteer to help friends and families. Right now, I’m a full-time student at 2 different schools! One of my goals is to get Computer Science degree in programming which I’ll graduate with AS in September 2017 and BS in September 2018. I’m currently attending Rasmussen College for this degree. My other goal is to obtain my CompTIA A+ certification which I’ll have this year along with my Security+, Network+ and CCNA. I enjoy learning new things every day!

2017 Updates:

I never took the test for my certifications because I felt there is not much of a challenge or grown in Information Technology field. However, I graduated with my Associate in Computer Science in September 2017 and 2 weeks later, my son, Asher, was born! I’m enrolled to go back for my Bachelor degree in Computer Science in January of 2018! 2017 has been the greatest year for me and my family! grew from 3 clients to 200 clients!

You can download my resume that’s up to date from 2007 to present! 

Terry Hunt’s Resume