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Social Media Tools

HOLY COW BATMAN! You gotta be serious! Look at all these social media tools out there! They are hot software these days with skyrocket cost! I have bought several social media tools for myself and regret that 80% of the tools are actually junk! SEMrush is nice but extremely expensive! It’s pointless to pay those hefty monthly subscriptions! That’s freaking ridiculous! $69.95 a month just for the itty bitty basic to $549.95 a month for the grand package! Seriously!

I have been branding myself for the last few weeks and got the decent amount of followers without cheating or trying to find shortcuts! A lot of people would go to Fiverr and pay for those fake followers or likes to their page or group! Come on, seriously! Having a bunch of fake accounts in your group or page is pretty noticeable these days! Here is an example below!

Fiverr Likes

They will get you 5,000 “LIKES” for Facebook within 3 days! But the question is, are those “LIKES” are going to become your customers? You don’t want those on your page or group!You want real customers that would like your page voluntarily.

Social Media ToolsHootSuite

The only tools I’m paying for right now is Hootsuite! I can monitor the entire social media on one screen without an issue! All my social network accounts are connected into one Hootsuite account. I have been using Hootsuite to do all my advertising on the social network! Hootsuite does give you the benefit where you can advertise at a certain time or which account you want to advertise at a certain time. The most important social media tool is YOU. I have been very successful capturing attention with my randomness! People like to see things that capture their attention! You probably heard “same ole bullshit” all the time and it’s a good idea to change up everything and make it new! Here is one thing that would capture attentions on the social network! Colorful and bright does make people wonder what’s the picture about!

Social Media Tools