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Pray for no newsletter pop-ups!

Every day, we browse through the internet to PRAY that there will not be any annoying type of newsletter pop-ups! Newsletter pop-ups do cause the world to be in chaos! SERIOUSLY! SRLY!

Here is an example of one newsletter popup from HELL!

Newsletter pop-ups

Where is the close button? How do I get out of it? Screw it! I’ll sign in with Facebook! Happy now?

So many companies are trying so hard to get you to sign up for newsletters whether you have a choice or not! During my years of web designs and working with hundreds of people! When the word “Newsletter” is brought up, I’m going to ignore you! No, seriously! I’d explain how to do the newsletter for your website the proper way.

From my experiences, I have received roughly about 20 messages a day from my client’s customers. Most of the time it’s complaining about the newsletter that pop-ups on their screen and they can’t get to the home page! There are many different types of newsletter pop-ups out there that are nice! For example of one that I use all the time I use their free edition and loving it! I have a newsletter system pop up on my own websites and have not heard a single complain about this pop-up! It’s easy to work with!

Please do this type of newsletter!

This newsletter pop-up on the bottom corner of the screen and it doesn’t make the visitors feel that they are being forced to sign up! You can still surf or read on the website without being easily annoyed! This type of newsletter does not pop-up on mobile or tablet. The best thing about this newsletter is you can still scroll on the website and continue to read without having that in your way unless you want to read the crazy introduction on “Who is Terry Hunt?”

Newsletter Pop-ups

Don’t do this newsletter!

Don’t worry, you won’t see this pop-up on my website in the picture below. I promise. This one below makes visitors feel like “Crap, I have to sign up for this junk! It’s just another junk mail I’m going have in my inbox!” At least this newsletter does have a close button! But still, it’s annoying.

Newsletter Pop-ups

Here is a mobile version of the newsletter that’s annoying as well.

Newsletter Pop-ups

Yes, this newsletter pop-ups was only on my website for no more than 3 minutes. I don’t want to scare my readers away!

Stop paying for newsletter modules

Too many clients have spent hundred of dollars for newsletter modules and never got the results they want or developer to help them to set up their newsletter. A lot of time, they ask for their refunds and never get their money back. Please, stop buying modules for the newsletter and go to Yes, seriously. I’m extremely serious! Go to and sign up there for your newsletter. They have a lot of other benefits there too! Yes, they do have a free account, but if you want the best stuff. That will cost ya!

If you wonder if will work with Prestashop, WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, OsCommerce, WooCommerce, Arastta, or any other platforms. The answer is YES, it will work with any websites! 

If you wonder if is paying me to write this, the answer is no. They don’t even know I’m writing this!

If you’re having trouble with for your website. Please email me or sign up for my newsletter 🙂