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My recommendation for Prestashop!

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How easy is Prestashop for your online business?

Prestashop is a wonderful eCommerce platform that’s out there! It’s easy to work with if you have all the money to spend on modules! The most complication issues that my clients ever had was the menu and PayPal. I’m looking forward to seeing Prestashop 1.7 in live actions.

It’s quite easy to train people to use Prestashop than on OpenCart or Shopify. A lot of my clients came from Shopify and OpenCart, because they felt that they have invested so much time into them and not getting anything accomplished.

Payment Gateway Module

PayPal has been a pain in the ass for long as I can remember. PayPal USA & Canada module is free to download and use. A lot of time this module will quit working randomly or no apparent reason. Another module, PayPal Direct Payments is a waste of money! module would be recommended to anyone that wants to us for their Prestashop.


As for the theme for Prestashop, I do have one favorite and my only favorite company that I have always bought the theme from. Eshopalot does have various type of themes that are extremely creative and easy to work with! The best thing about this company, all their themes are mobile friendly and responsive! Be sure you check them out! Don’t let your store suffer without style and make em look sexy with eshopalot! They do create new themes by request and they are amazing! Their price are beyond reasonable!

Newsletter Popup Module

Newsletter Popup modules, seriously any of them! Don’t buy any of them! They are TERRIBLE! Beyond terrible than you can imagine! They would annoy your customers and you’ll have a big chance of losing them! They are popup from hell! Most of my clients want newsletter popup for their website. No matter how many times I would tell them the PrestaShop newsletter popup are their worst nightmare! Customers could not get past the popups! The close icon would not appear at all! You have been warned! If you really want to use newsletter popups and you understand HTML coding, I’d suggest you go to It’s quite easy to setup and much friendlier than Prestashop modules.

Image & Site Optimization Module

One most important thing you definitely need for your Prestashop is PrestaSpeed – Image and site optimization! This module is worth the investing for your online store! It really does help optimize your Prestashop database, images, and configuration!

Whoa Website Hosting

My website and all my clients are being hosted for an awesome price! You can check out Whoa Website! They do have amazing prices on the different type of hosting! Their customer service is always responding to their own clients and customers in timing manners! Customers are their most important and valuable part of their business!

Store Manager for Prestashop

Some of my clients required me to maintain their products, customers, and sales. Store Manager is a wonderful tool that will help get your work done extremely fast! It allows you to manage all your products from one screen! This program gives you the option of bulk change on prices, taxes, or anything you ask for! For the cost of this program, it’s well worth having this if you have a large store or large client base with Prestashop!

Advanced Top Menu – Responsive Module

Prestashop still has a way to go with their menu system and how it works. Advanced Top Menu is not easy to work with but it can give you a much more professional look on your website. Once you get the feel of how to make the categories and add the menus into the module, it’ll become easier to work with. Some people can learn how to use this within 5 minutes of using this or 20 hours. My recommend is not to do this menu by yourself! Contact the developer and pay little extra money to have them set it up for you! This menu is well worth it.  The free version of Prestashop menu is just blah!