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Good Reasons Why to Hire Deaf or Hard of Hearing?

Should I hire this deaf or hard of hearing person?

Thinking about hiring deaf or hard of hearing?A lot of companies have question themselves, “Should we hire this deaf or hard of hearing person?”Or they are afraid to hire them because of lack of communications. There is never a lack of communication if you try to communicate with the person. Don’t be scared to hire someone that has a disability. You would be surprised how many deaf or hard of hearing out there that would be willing to work and they are brilliant! Just because they can’t hear doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire them.

There is plenty of reason why you can hire someone that’s disabled.

Their entire body works except for their ears! A lot of them are physically able to lift 50 lbs or more!

Their minds are very creative! Their ears don’t work, but their eyes work much better than their ears! They can’t hear sounds, but they see things and become extremely creative!

More or less, they are very alert to their surroundings and that what makes them safe!

Most deaf and hard of hearing have been looking for jobs for an incredibly long time. Once they get a job, they will be delighted and loyal to the company.

Their ears are noise-canceling! No, I’m serious! They can’t hear anything, so it’s a God-given gift that they have noise-canceling!

Route 66 Promotions is one of the most successful t-shirt business out there that are deaf-owned and deaf-operated.