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eCommerce on rise!


So eCommerce is Important?

When clients reach out to me all the time on “How important is it to upgrade your eCommerce?” or “How important is it to switch to one of these platforms?” My response would be how important is it to keep your business function or how important are the sales to you? There are many times I have run into customers that are still using dinosaur age HTML with PayPal link button to their websites! Of course, they are simple to use but a pain in the ass to get customer’s information such as where the hell do I need to ship it? A lot of time customers thinks their PayPal address is up to date! But wrong!

It’s very important to keep your website up to date with today’s platforms! It doesn’t matter if it is Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, or OpenCart! The benefits of each platform are WONDERFUL!

Magento LogoMagento (Free):

Gotta loves Magento! They have been around for a long time and have been the best platform out there for a long time! Finally, Magento has a decent competitor which is Shopify! Magento has been rank #1 for SEO friendly for the longest time! If you’re going to run Magento, then you better get a decent server that would handle all the hogging!

Prestashop LogoPrestashop (Free):

Prestashop was developed and released in 2007. Magento wasn’t released until 2008! Prestashop is a lightweight platform! You can read more about Prestashop that’s base on my opinion. They are not SEO friendly unless you buy an SEO module to add on!

OpenCart LogoOpenCart (Free):

I don’t understand OpenCart! From what I have seen about OpenCart’s developers and supports have left to go with Arastta. I have dealt with countless of customers with OpenCart issues! A lot of time, the customers would switch from OpenCart to Prestashop, Magento, Shopify, or WooCommerce! If you want something that’s troublesome, headache, pain in the ass, or extremely frustrated, then OpenCart is for you! Just saying!

Shopify LogoShopify (Not so free):

There is various monthly subscriptions plus credit cards fee! Shopify is awesome if you are very independent and want to get things done your way without having to rely on your webmaster or web guy. There are customers that have a limit budget of $100 or $300 to setup their website. With that budget, you can pay for Shopify for 3 to 6 months of hosting and manually do it yourself. The biggest issue with Shopify, a lot of owners do not want to maintain the website and then switch services or find someone that would maintain Shopify for them.

WooCommerce LogoWooCommerce (Free):

Finally, the last eCommerce that I’d love to talk about! WooCommerce has come a long way with GREAT improvements! The best thing about WordPress & WooCommerce is that you can pretty easily customize the entire website to however you want it to look like with attribute tabs, secondary tabs, or brief tabs. WooCommerce is the best eCommerce in my opinion! Only if you know what you are doing!

Bottom line:

Look at this chart below and you decided which one is best 🙂


eCommerce on Rise

The rise of eCommerce! Results from Google Trend

Rise of eCommerce

Results from Google Trend on eCommerce