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Helping the Deaf Community

Some people are wondering why my blog website inactive or not focus on keeping up I was recently promoted from webmaster to Committee Chair from It’s a Deaf Thing – Deaf Expo. I saw the good in It’s a Deaf Thing, and it could benefit the Deaf community a lot more than any other deaf expo.

Off subject, my father has been a big help for the deaf community to the school system from Seminole Height Elementary School, Sligh Middle School, and Tampa Bay Technical High School. He has fought against the school board for many years to help the deaf and hard of hearing on interpreters, accessories for the deaf, equipment, and just about everything. The first year of elementary school, all the deaf’s classes was in a janitor closet. When my father found out the janitor closet, everything changed less than a month. From what I have learned from my father to help the deaf community is what I want to apply to the deaf community. My father has taught me helping the deaf community is an accomplishment.

My goal is to used what I have learned from my father toward It’s a Deaf Thing. My goal is to find areas in the deaf community, hard of hearing community, and blind community that needs help. My wishes are to find people that want to help the communities with their hearts and not their ego. One thing I’m thankful about the Deaf Expo is that they support the Deaf Business Owners, Deaf Related Businesses, and Deaf-Friendly Businesses. But in my heart, there are more helps out there that are needed than just the Deaf Expo. I’m hoping that I can take the opportunity to grow It’s a Deaf Thing to help other Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Blind.

How to help the Deaf Community?

There are so many ways to help the Deaf community. It is very frustrating that a lot of funds that are supposed to help the community is going to payroll, administration and fees or whatnot. Please research the organization that said they will help the Deaf community. There is so many deaf organization that receive millions or thousands of thousands of grants money to help the community but paying themselves a lot of money to help limited of people. Again, research the nonprofit organization before going to them. Ask them for public records of where are their money going? Know the company that you are working with. Vocational Rehablitiation is a great place and resource to get help from.

I went from 200+ clients from the beginning of 2017 to November 2018 with my business, Whoa Website, LLC. During Thanksgiving weekend, I have eliminated over 200+ clients to 20 clients so I can focus on It’s a Deaf Thing on helping the Deaf community. I miss the passion of helping the Deaf community.

The bottom line is that I’m hoping that It’s a Deaf Thing would expand out to help the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Blind in various ways. Our goal is to become a funding nonprofit organization. I apologize in advance for my bluntness, we’re always looking for someone to help the Deaf community that has heart and not all about their big ego or attention seeker. All my volunteers on my team are our blessing and I thank them often.

You can always find me working at It’s a Deaf