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Yep! Blame the Web Guy!

Being a web designer or web administrator does take a lot of stress and frustration these days. Here are a lot of examples that we hear all the time!

  • Is my website working? I do not see it on my end!
  • Why aren’t we getting sales?
  • You’re the web guy; you’re supposed to fix PayPal!
  • (Phone vibrates at 1 AM at night) The menu is off by a pixel! Fix it now!
  • No sales for one week! Why aren’t you fixing this?
  • The website is one week old, and it’s not on the first page of the search engine! Why? Isn’t this what I paid you for?
  • The web site is moving slow! That could cost a customer!
  • I paid for this hosting and WordPress needs more PHP memory than what the hosting company can give me! Why didn’t you let us know before we bought the hosting package?
  • (Phone call after midnight) Is the website down?

The biggest issue with the web design field is communications! A lot of us have designed website, setup eCommerce sites, or administrate the website for the clients many times. As a web guy, we have to deal with a lot of frustrations as well, clients without a good source of communication tend to blame the web guy for everything. That’s mostly true. Most web folks are struggling to pull information out of the clients to get what they need to know for the website.

Is the website down?

A lot of clients would message the web guy that has no part of hosting or manage the client’s hosting. The best solution to determine if your website is down or not.

Load up CMD and type ping URL, that will give you result if your website is down or not. If it says Time Out 3 times, then it’s down.

You can also use for a more natural solution.

Clear your cache and then try load up your website is another way to fix it. The more you stalk your website, the more you’ll get the DNS error! Stop hunting your website for its own sake!

Why is the website slow?

One of what we hear every day! “Why is the website slow?” I’m going to be blunt with you! You paid for a shitty service or the cheapest service! Think about it! You’re going to buy a car and think it’s a Ferrari! You’re going to assume a 512 MB memory, and 1 CPU hosting or shared hosting is a Ferrari!  It’s nice to have 512 MB memory for VPS, but it’s still not a flipping Ferrari! If you want a decent speed web hosting, then you’ll have to pay the price of a Ferrari. They aren’t cheap, but they are worth it for your website.

What’s with the SEO? Why isn’t it working?

First of all, SEO doesn’t work overnight or within a month time frame. SEO is very similar to wine; you have to age the wine for it to taste good. The longer you have the domain name to your business, not get penalize by Google or other search engines, then you’ll be searchable. It takes time for the SEO to start working. Google is one of the busiest search engines out there, and they aren’t going to pick up new websites every day. Give it time, relax, go to the beach or something. If you want good SEO, then do it yourself or hire someone that knows what they are doing. Don’t hire those folks from Fiverr to do your SEO. If you’re going to do SEO yourself then do a lot of keyword research from Google, it’s FREE. Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends are the two things that you should look into.

What’s up with no sales?

I don’t know! You tell me… Are you marketing yourself? Are you advertising yourself? Remember, we’re the web guy, not the marketing guy. Another thing if the website is working and PayPal decided to quit working. It’s still not the web guy’s fault. Stop blaming the web guy and find a different solution… SERIOUSLY! I’m sure a lot of us are annoyed with that bullshit! PayPal does deal with a lot of transactions throughout the day, and their servers are under heavy load all day long. If you want something better to fix, then offer something else such as STRIPE,, or something! You don’t have to stick with one freaking payment gateway for your eCommerce or website!

OMG, What’s up with this THEME?!

Yea, what’s up with this theme? Why is it so difficult to install it and get it working? Why does it not look like the demo? That’s what we hear every time a client get a new theme. Every time a client comes to us and complain about the theme, we’ll ask them, did you read the instruction? Most of the time they will say.

  • No, there is no instruction.
  • Where is it?
  • It’s in Chinese! I don’t understand it!

About 98% of the time the client will read the instruction! 80% of the time, the client demand the theme creator or web guy to fix the problem without getting paid! Other times, they would ask for a refund if they don’t get their way. That explains one good reason why a lot of themes are becoming free these days! Free theme = no tech support! Seriously folks, read the instruction first before you harass the web guy!

I love sharing stories with other web guys about their frustrations! It’s simple, just blame the web guy for everything and your problem will be fixed! But understand, the web guy doesn’t make your sales, doesn’t drive customers to your website, doesn’t do SEO as part of your web design package.

You are not worth $75 an hour!

Do not work with a customer that is cheapstake! If the customer thinks that the website job should be paid less than what your time is worth, then tell them to go to Fiverr. Your time and your work should be value what you think. No website should be done for less than $500, or SEO work should be done for less than $1,000 per month. Let the customers go elsewhere for their work. Make sure you get paid up front before doing any work!